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🧀🥑 Cheesy Avocado and Tomato Quesadilla

Mouthwatering Quesadilla Packed with Fresh Avocado, Tomato Slices, and Irresistible Cheesy Goodness


⏱️ 15min - 🍽️ ±760 kCal - 🕥 Quick & Easy


2 wraps | 1 avocado | 75g cherry tomatoes | 75g grated cheese | ¼ onion  | garlic powder | salt | pepper | paprika powder | lemon juice | basil

  1. Begin by slicing the avocado, dicing the onion, and halving the cherry tomatoes.
    Click here to watch a 30 second visual on how to make this recipe

  2. In a bowl, mash the avocado with a fork and mix in a splash of lemon juice to prevent browning.

  3. Add the diced onion and sliced cherry tomatoes to the mixture.

  4. Season the avocado mixture with a pinch of salt, pepper, basil and a sprinkle of garlic powder and paprika powder. Mix thoroughly.

  5. Take one wrap and spread an even layer of the seasoned avocado mixture onto the wrap.

  6. Distribute 75g of grated cheese over the avocado mixture.

  7. Lightly moisten the border with water to aid in sealing.

  8. Place another wrap on top and gently press the edges to seal them together.

  9. Heat a non-stick pan over medium heat. Add a bit of olive oil and carefully transfer the quesadilla to the pan.

  10. Cook until the cheese melts and the wraps become golden brown, about 2-3 minutes per side.

  11. Once done, remove the quesadilla from the pan and allow it to cool slightly before cutting into wedges.

  12. Serve your delicious homemade quesadilla with your preferred dipping sauce and enjoy!

TIP: When preparing the avocado mixture, be sure to season it well with herbs and spices. The flavor can slightly mellow when sandwiched between the wraps, so don't be afraid to enhance the seasoning a bit more than you think. This will ensure that the delicious taste shines through even after cooking.



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